Do You Know the 10 Pillars of Eating Clean?

A pillar is a structural support and on your journey to optimal physical and mental health, you need several pillars to give you the structure and support you need. Being healthy requires several factors such as: Exercise Breathing Sleep Stress Attitude Lifestyle Diet The last one may be the most important of all. What we... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Struggles

This post is so relatable to me. There was a time, I was able to effortlessly lose weight, ending up at a healthy 134. Then I got pregnant, and 13 years later, I’m still struggling.

I’ve just started a clean eating journey to help with hypertension; so hopefully, this works.

Thank you for being real.

Bria Pittman

Jesus calories

Y’all…I’m getting real sick and tired of food having calories.

I am holding steady at 230lbs and no matter what I do, I cannot summon the willpower to lose weight. The last time I lost weight it was only because I wanted to look better in photos. THAT’S IT!

The hard thing for me now is that no matter what size I’m at, when I look at myself in the mirror I think I look fantastic <3. I’m not sure where this over confidence came from.

When I lost weight before I legitimately looked at myself in the mirror and said you look sloppy you need to lose some weight (side note: I am not NEARLY that mean to myself now).

SelfieJune I mean I just look at her and I like her!

Maybe it’s because the first time I lost weight, even though I had lost 80lbs I was still…

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Are you trying to eat Low Carb?

Low Carb Clean Eating 101 Clean eating calls on us to change our way of living to improve our health. While many naysayers may try to label this way of eating as a tagline, fad or “a latest craze” diet, low carb clean eating continues to receive praises for its impact on people’s lives.  It... Continue Reading →

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