Weight Loss Struggles

This post is so relatable to me. There was a time, I was able to effortlessly lose weight, ending up at a healthy 134. Then I got pregnant, and 13 years later, I’m still struggling.

I’ve just started a clean eating journey to help with hypertension; so hopefully, this works.

Thank you for being real.

Bria Pittman

Jesus calories

Y’all…I’m getting real sick and tired of food having calories.

I am holding steady at 230lbs and no matter what I do, I cannot summon the willpower to lose weight. The last time I lost weight it was only because I wanted to look better in photos. THAT’S IT!

The hard thing for me now is that no matter what size I’m at, when I look at myself in the mirror I think I look fantastic <3. I’m not sure where this over confidence came from.

When I lost weight before I legitimately looked at myself in the mirror and said you look sloppy you need to lose some weight (side note: I am not NEARLY that mean to myself now).

SelfieJune I mean I just look at her and I like her!

Maybe it’s because the first time I lost weight, even though I had lost 80lbs I was still…

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